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Garage Door Rollers Repair in Panama City, FL

Does your garage door take time to slide up? Is it flattering or hinging as it moves? Does it get stuck on its way down? These problems might be on the rollers that help your garage door slide up and down. 

Broken garage door rollers with no repairs or replacement can put added strain on the track and joints that lead to more damage. Nowadays, very few garage doors companies or homeowners choose to install the older versions of garage doors. They select to install the more efficient garage doors and install and repair much easier garage doors. At 850 Garage Doors, we are specialists in the operation and structure of the sectional door, and we know the significance of each part in the performance of the system. Parallel to the continuous efficiency of your garage door is the condition of the rollers. A lot of homeowners do not think twice when it comes to repairing or replacing their garage door rollers. Garage door replacement is affordable and simple. Yet economical still is a prompt garage door roller repair performed by one of our skilled and trained technicians. We will be with you from the evaluation of your garage door rollers to all the processes. Our expert team of technicians is ready for any repairs or replacement in no time. 

garage door rollor repair

How Garage Door Rollers Work

They serve a significant role in the overall function of a garage door since they keep the garage door connected to the track and help it during opening and closing. As a sectional door opens, rollers guide each component located on the sides as they move up the track. The process repeats when the door closes, with the garage rollers making sure each part matches well together to form the complete garage door. 

Broken garage door rollers will cause your garage door to become difficult to move or impossible to slide up and down, left to right. You may examine the garage door rollers to see if parts are broken or missing. Broken rollers or almost broken will show these following attributes:

  • Dragging– The spring on the overhead door holds a considerable amount of pressure so that you can easily open and close the door. If your garage door spring is in good shape, but you feel friction when trying to move your overhead door, your garage door roller may be experiencing some tear and wear. Even tint damage can lead to difficulty in movement.
  • Clicking– A clicking noise may happen as you try to open or close your garage door. The noise comes from a disordered machine part that moves off of its set track before re-aligning again. The produced sound arises when the components meet the friction, then release. It is a sign that the tension is causing damage.
  • Grinding- Sounds that are similar to metal-on-metal grinding are indications that your rollers are causing the other metal components of your system to create friction as they move along the track. Manufacturers craft the metal parts of a garage door to avoid contact with each other. Grinding is evidence that they are touching and causing extra damage. 
  • Marks– Strange-looking marks may arise along the track where wheels become fastened or drag. If you notice dark marks in your overhead door parts, check the behavior of the moving components of the door when they reach the marks. If you noticed a clicking, scraping, or pulling, your rollers may be in deterioration.

What causes broken garage door rollers?

  • Inadequate Lubrication – The roller and tracks, and all moving components on your garage door, should be kept well-lubricated in the entire year. Lubrication avoids metal to metal or metal to plastic friction from producing undesirable damages on overhead door components. 
  • Bad Weather – Hot and cold weather changes and heavy rain and ice falls are challenging on the delicately balanced pieces of a garage door. Ensure your garage door is closed in the rough weather conditions and well-winterized in the winter season.
  • Corrosion – For homeowners who reside in the seaside areas, too high salt concentrations flow in the air will speed up the corrosion in the metal pieces of your overhead door. The rollers will eventually get damaged as they move through corroded tracks. The longer the oxidation stays, the faster it harms the rollers.
  • Extensive Pressure – When your garage door is in the fully open position, strain from gravity causes the track to bend and make the surface on which the rollers make too much contact with the tracks. With time, the track starts to bear added weight than it can manage, and the rollers break rapidly. 

When to Repair & When to Replace Garage Door Rollers

It is sometimes hard to know when the garage roller needs repair or replacement. Generally speaking, unless there are main parts of the roller missing, a simple roller repair job involving the application of lubrication and refitting to the track will mend. Yet, some professionals suggest complete replacement where they also change the track. Let us take care of your garage door rollers. Whether you need a simple repair or full garage door replacement, 850 Garage Doors will help you to this job done quickly.

How can 850 Garage Doors help?

Our equipped and trained technicians are ready with the equipment and expertise needed to repair or replace your garage door rollers immediately. Do not worry about expensive labor or costly new pieces. We will find the right rollers and change them for the right price – quick. Call 850 Garage Door for your broken or damaged garage door rollers repair today.