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Garage Door Openers in Panama City, FL

At 850 Garage Doors, we repair and replace all models and makes of garage door openers. We understand homeowners need to have a proper garage door opener that they can depend on to open their garage doors for long years. If you have damaged or broken garage door openers, contact 850 Garage Doors today.

With years in the garage door industry, 850 Garage Doors are experts in installing and repairing any types of garage door openers. We install and repair heavy-duty, standard-duty, and light-duty. Depending on how you use it, your garage door opener will require less or more power to operate it.

To help you determine which model you need for your garage, we will ask some questions to you about how you use your garage door. It all depends on how much traffic your garage door gets; you may need a heavy-duty or a standard opener that will be able to meet your high-traffic demands. In this process, we can also help you determine whether you need to consider having a smart garage door opener.

These two questions are vital in determining what motor size is best for your garage door: 

  • How many people in your family use the garage door? 
  • How often does your garage door go up and down in total number per day? 

From your answers to these essential questions, our equipped technicians can suggest the best garage door opener for you. 

Heavy Duty Garage Door Openers (Elite Series)

garage door opener
Heavy-duty garage door openers are for families that use their garage doors more often than their front doors. A lot of people do not recognize that they pull up and down their garage door more than ten times in a day. That is more than 3.650 times in a year. The belt drive operators are durable yet quiet. They are great for one-story homes that have rooms close to a garage. Also, they are excellent for two-story homes that rooms are above the garage to manage the noise and vibration. 

850 Garage Doors offers the heavy-duty (Elite Series) garage door openers, with the following excellent features:

  • Premium motion-detecting control panel
  • Two designers burled walnut 3-button remote controls. 
  • Anti-burglary technology

Standard Duty Garage Door Openers (Premium Series)

For homes that use the garage door less often, we provide the dependable Premium Series of garage door openers. Premium Series of garage door openers comprise the following features: 

  • Premium multi-function control panel
  • One 3-button remote control
  • Anti-burglary technology

Light Duty Garage Door Openers (Contractor Series)

The Contractor Series of garage door openers is ideal for light-duty usage. The key characteristics of the Contractor Series of garage door opener include the following:

  • Premium multi-function control panel
  • One remote control

New Garage Door Opener Benefits

Garage door openers have improved over the years, fusing advanced technology and capacities to make lives easier for families at homes and business establishments. Some of the new garage door opener advantages you can experience with the current models like: 

  • Smartphone Notifications: Do not worry if you left your garage door open. With the new technology, current models of garage door openers will send a notification to your smartphone if you unintentionally leave your garage door open. 
  • Wi-Fi Technology: Modern garage door openers enable you to control your garage door even if you are not around. It is by using your Wi-Fi technology at home. 
  • Back-up Battery: You can get in and out of your garage door even during a power outage. Say thank you to the back-up battery function of your modern garage door opener.  
  • Corner-to-corner lighting: With corner to corner lighting, you will enjoy a brighter space while working. It will enable you to see things clearly inside your garage. 

Select the Right Garage Door Opener for Your Home

When you need to invest in an overhead garage door opener, you will see various options at 850 Garage Doors. We offer a vast selection of products so our clients can decide on the best solution for their particular demands.

Our options comprise of models from the leading brands like the following:

  • LiftMaster Elite Series: When you want to purchase a LiftMaster garage door opener, the Elite Series will provide you access to models that involve back up batteries, smartphone control, and many latest features. These Elite Series are great options for residents who want updated features and function-wise. 
  • LiftMaster Contractor Series: LiftMaster door opener choices in the Contractor Series are famous for their reliability, strength, and efficiency.
  • LiftMaster WIRED Garage Door Opener: Experience the best efficiency and features related to home connectivity, power, lighting, security, and safety with this garage door opener model. 

We also offer commercial garage door openers that are perfect for business establishments in Panama City, FL, including:

  • Trolley operators: They suit standard lifting sectional doors, and you can get them at 850 Garage Doors in three styles: light, medium, and industrial duty. 
  • Jackshaft or hoist operators: They work best for rolling grilles, rolling doors, shutters, and industrial sectional doors. Pick from among our variety of light, medium, industrial, and heavy-duty models.

Get the Garage Door Opener That is Perfect for You

At 850 Garage Doors, we proudly serve the residents in Panama City, FL. We offer a vast selection of the best products and services. If you need a garage door opener, you can see the selections on your website. Or you can call us. If you have any inquiries about garage door openers or our offered services, give us a call today! We are happy with your home or business.